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leap into the void

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leap into the void


Written by j

November 2, 2009 at 3:38 pm

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thursdays are for the bizarre

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the thursday that just passed has got to be the surreal day here so far.

it started out with meeting one of 3 people who will be translating for me for free as i interview borrowers. i first thought she was a regular university student, but she came in 6th in Ms. Mongolia, and after meeting with me she was on her way to shoot a mascara ad. the odd thing is that she wasn’t even particularly pretty (in all objectiveness). she also really wants a white boyfriend and does not differentiate between europeans, americans or canadians. but she says no italians, because they are too amorous. haha. interested parties, let me know.

at lunch in a large restaurant with only 3 occupied tables, there was a singaporean! (note that the probability of this happening is very low.) he of course recognized my accent and same over to say hi. let’s call him x. i met his friends later on for drinks, and the whole thing was highly, highly bizarre.

friend 1: 40+ yr old man who was highly drunk by the time i got there. was extremely belligerent, kept calling himself an asshole, and kept referring to spinsters as hags.
friend 2: 50 yr old man who just opened a restaurant and is apparently very well connected with Mongolian high society. i remember a children’s tale long ago with the character Mr. Lizard. this man is it’s personification.
friend 3: normal 30+ mongolian guy

x, friend 3 and i left fairly quickly to meet friend 3’s other girl friends. hurray for normalcy. 1 of the girls (a stunner) was from the Buryat Republic – never knew that existed! in simple terms, Buryats are Mongols who live in an area that is subject to Russia.

the last conversation of the night had friend 3 trying to convince x that if bribing border officials doesn’t work, (they are in the export business), then threaten them with violence.

apparently it worked for him.

i ended up going to a halloween party last night. like other fellows, i had a pretty pathetic get-up… nevertheless, i ended up turning from librarian (work clothes + black glasses) to a chimney sweeper – got painted black strokes on my face and i snagged a newspaper-boy-cap and a garden rake (which was meant to pass off as a sweep). only one person at the party got my costume ;P

Written by j

November 1, 2009 at 4:24 pm

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