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the coldest I’ve ever been

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I’ll remember this year’s Friday the 13th because of a spade of bad news, but I’ll remember the day after too. Went hiking on the Bogd Khan mountain (one of 4 mountains surrounding UB) for 5 hours in minus 30 degree C weather.

Snow flowers on Bogd Khan

on a very interesting sidenote, Mongolians play Mafia too! albeit a slightly different version. played it on the bus ride there… and it was one of my 2 contributions to moments of general hilarity.

i was the only foreigner/native english speaker on the trip, and happened to be the police for one round of Mafia. the narrator, while trying to get my attention during the “night session” of the game, when everyone else’s eyes are closed except for the police’s said – “Look at me!” in English. which of course was a dead giveaway for who exactly was the policeman…

the second moment is summed up below.

c’est moi

i was shivering like crazy on the mountain top, and this documents how my colleagues bundled me up with a sleeping bag and an extra jacket. didn’t help that much though! cold is cold.


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November 17, 2009 at 1:28 pm

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